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Online Flea Prevention For Your Pets: How to Keep Fleas Off Your Pet

Have you recently noticed some red pimples and bites on your pet’s body? If you looked closer, you might see tiny dark spots moving. If that is the case, then there is no doubt that fleas have taken up lodging on your companion.

These blood-sucking creatures can infest your pet in the blink of an eye, which is why you need to act quickly upon noticing the symptoms. There are a variety of treatments that protect animals against these parasites, such as topicals, oral medicine, and flea collars. Your job is to choose the right pet flea treatment that suits your beloved friend.

The following tips will teach you how to get rid of these annoying pests…

Use topical treatments

One of the most efficient treatments against fleas is applying topicals in the form of creams, sprays, or liquids. These are usually applied on your pet’s back in order to prevent it from licking them. Since they need a certain amount of time to be absorbed, it’s paramount for your pet not to reach them.

Considering the myriad of such topical treatments available for online purchase, you should have a consultation with your veterinarian. He or she is the right person to recommend the most appropriate type of treatment for your pet, as well as determine the right dosage. Bear in mind that some treatments are perfectly safe for canines, but toxic to felines.

Use a flea collar

Another highly efficient method of flea prevention is using a collar that serves the purpose of repelling these tiny irritating insects. Naturally, the collar would only be useful if attached correctly, being neither too tight, nor too loose.

Moreover, it’s important for the collar to feel comfortable on your pet. Therefore, upon noticing any signs of irritation, make sure you remove the collar immediately. Since some models are not supposed to get wet, you’re expected to remove them whenever your pet is having a bath or a swim. Most importantly, beware of collars that contain organophosphates, as these are particularly toxic to cats. Click here to get familiar with the harmful effects of the class of organophosphorus compounds.

Give your pet a bath

Regular baths have proven to be beneficial in the protection of your companion against fleas, but they need to be done at a minimum of once per week. Using only water is usually not enough, especially if these parasites have infested your pet for at least a few days.

Furthermore, you’d need to purchase a special type of flea shampoo that corresponds to the breed of your pet. Make sure you choose a hypoallergenic shampoo that contains a low amount of additives so as to prevent skin dehydration. After being done with the shampooing, rinse the shampoo leftovers carefully to avoid irritation.

Comb your companion

In order to check the efficiency of applying various treatments, purchase a flea comb and use it on your pet every single day. Make sure you put a glass of water nearby to drop in any pests that you have found. The best way to get positive results is by applying the right combing technique by following the direction of the fur growth, thoroughly combing each hair.

As much as you may find this procedure boring, you need to be persistent. The long hours that you’d spent on combing your pet won’t be a waste, as the parasites will gradually be removed. Rushing through the process will only prolong your pet’s irritation. The following link,, will teach you how to use such a comb.

Clean the house

The ultimate step in the battle with these annoying parasites is cleaning every corner of your house. In order to prevent terrible infestation, commence cleaning as soon as you recognize the first signs. Start by cleaning all the rugs and carpets, especially the ones that your pet always lies on.

Perhaps the most efficient cleaning method is regular vacuuming, especially by using a steam vacuum cleaner. Steam is lethal for these parasites, so make sure you vacuum as often as possible. Remember to throw away the bag after cleaning to eliminate the threat of new infestation.

Doing laundry is another good method of killing fleas. Put all linens, towels, and clothes in the washing machine. The hot water won’t allow any parasite to survive. Don’t forget to wash curtains, cushions, and pillows as well.

Also, it’s a good idea to keep your pet off the furniture for its own sake. Fleas tend to live on upholstery for months, so your companion will be at risk of getting infested again. If you aren’t satisfied in your own steam cleaning skills, you can hire a steam cleaning professional whose job it is to make your home flea-free.

Wrap up

Take a good care of your companions during their battle with fleas. You are their only hope!

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