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Shiloh the Dachshund, Chihuahua Mix

Shiloh is a Chiweenie and is five years old. Here’s how we found Shiloh: Me and my family have a favorite restaurant that we like to go to, and there is a pet store right next door. Me and my sisters always like to go look at the puppies. One day I saw Shiloh and I knew I had to get him. A few days later my parents suprised me and told me that I had a new dog, and that we just needed to pick him up. I was super excited. We got Shiloh and he is the greatest puppy anyone could ever ask for. One time I was walking around the house and he followed me so close that he stepped on my heels. I said I should have named him Shadow. I love my Shiloh and he means the world to me. Submitted by Grace S.

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