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Patch the Springer Spaniel

Patch was an old lady (14 years) pure bred Springer Spaniel with a wiggle butt and sweet eyes. I remembered helping her mother give birth to twelve little pups on our kitchen floor just two weeks before my Sweet 16th Birthday. Patch was the best birthday present a young girl could ask for… better than a car. She was my best friend. She was everyone’s best friend. We used to joke that if someone broke into the house, she would run up to them and show her belly for a good rub instead of showing her teeth.

Patch was the kind of dog that took care of her toys instead of ripping them up. She did NOT like to play tug-a-war with them. We started calling her stuffed animals her “babies” becuase she treated them with maternal care and love. In her old age, we started bringing Patch to my aunt’s house every day for doggy-day-care so she wasn’t alone. We said she had the best retirement plan becuase she got belly rubs all night at home and them spoiled rotten with belly rubs by her young kids at my aunt’s during the day. After Patch’s backlegs finally gave out and she stopped eating we had to sat goodbye to her in December 2019, but I know she is at peace. She was a 10/10 good dog. Submitted by Natalie W.

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