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Diva the Doberman

This is my beautiful old girl, Diva the Doberman. She is ten years old in two weeks but is still as playful as the day we got her. We rescued her from being put down when she was four months old because the breeder couldn’t sell her. She loves what all dogs love: walks and snacks. Her favorite snacks are carrots! She loves attention and forgets how big she is sometimes, often jumping into our laps on the sofa. She’s from Cork, Ireland originally, so we like to pretend she has an Irish accent. She’s now living in Oxford, England with my family. She may be a bit grey around the mouth but we tell her she’s the most beautiful precious girl in the world every day! I love this website… a dog every day certainly puts a smile on my face. Have a nice day! Submitted by Saffron W.

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