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Walt the American Staffordshire Terrier, Labrador Mix

This is my pup Walt, whom we rescued from our local Humane Society. His face always has a happy look whether he’s smiling, holding his beloved tennis balls in his mouth, or just laying on the couch. When we brought him home, he was a bit nervous, but rode home quiet and within hours, was chewing his toys, going to his water bowl, and got his first ball, bone and rope. He is so very relatable, because all he wanted was to be part of a family, be loved, and of course lots of playing! He is the happiest dog I know, and I realize I am biased as his Mom, but I hope these pictures accurately portray this happy dog. He just wanted to be part of a pack, and he has found his. We are the lucky ones! Submitted by Jennifer J. Today’s puppy is brought to you by Dog Care Help.

These next three pictures are Walt as a puppy. Most of the rest are him as he has grown up the last two years. He has a sweet look when he’s not even trying, and an actual smile people relate to. It just makes you smile!

The next pic is the first image we have of Walt, the online post from our local animal shelter. Next is his first harness walk, then two shots of him just being himself in the grass.

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