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Eva the Dachshund Mix and Nina the Chihuahua, Jack Russell Mix

I love your Dog Per Day! My husband and I have two dogs. One is a Dachshund mix named Eva and the other is Nina, a Chihuahua, Jack Russell mix. We got Eva almost five years ago when someone left her where we worked. Although we did try to find her owner, we were not disappointed when no one claimed her. We’ve loved her from the moment we got her! Last year we were asked to take Nina when an acquaintance was no longer able to keep her. She turned seven years old last July. Both Eva and Nina like to snuggle under blankets and oftentimes they fall asleep with their tongues sticking out. Inside they spend most of their time sleeping, waking whenever anyone in the house decides to have a snack, of course. Outside they guard our tiny yard fiercely by barking at any noise they hear, but they especially love to bark at the mailman. He finds them hilarious. Submitted by Alf and Karla Z.

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