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Lucio the Cocker Spaniel

This is Lucio (Lewch-oh), he is ten months old and loves playing with his doggy friends at the dog park, spending time with family, and playing fetch. He loves hugs, cuddles, and KISSES. He hates loud noises and gets startled easily, but he is the most loving and affectionate dog there is. Lucio doesn’t have a tail but that doesn’t stop him from showing off how excited and happy he always is by shaking his entire body. He knows what time breakfast and dinner is. Whenever he is ready for a walk he goes to his toy box, picks up his leash, and brings it over to me. I may have to enter him in a smart dog contest because he will most definitely excel 😉 He also has this special coat that people always are asking me if I get his hair dyed ( I don’t). It’s brown with some beige and a white belly, something I have never seen in a full Cocker before. He’s unique and special in many ways! Submitted by Camille G.

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