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Lightning the Mixed Breed and Friends

We have some sweet new puppies coming to our shelter. One is Lighting the mixed breed, who has the prettiest blue eyes. And then there is another blue-eyed six month old girl coming in soon. Oh, and then continuing the blue eyes theme, another blue-eyed beauty was just returned to us because the owner did not have the proper space for a working breed. So there’s three with blue eyes. And then finally we have a three month old, large breed, hazel-eyed pup coming in. Click the link below to see all of these puppies. Submitted by Petaluma Pet Pals.

This beautiful blue eyed girl below is about six months old. Good with dogs. Thinks cats are the greatest ever, so she needs a very dog tolerant cat. Super sweet. Working on basic commands…

This beautiful girl below is back with us through no fault of her own. Freya is about seven months old. Needs a breed savvy owner that understands she’s a working breed and needs a job. Whether that’s following you around or carrying a toy. She is wonderful with other dogs and tolerant of cats. Very sweet. She does have tummy issues when she’s exposed to change.

This three month old large breed mix pup is coming our way today…

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