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Brandy the Shetland Sheepdog

This is my little bundle of joy. Her name is Brandy and she is six years old. Brandy loves to sit around and be lazy. She also loves treats and any kind of food she can get her paws on. She will bark from time to time, but all she’ll do is make noise she won’t actually do anything bad.? She also loves, loves, loves to cuddle and give kisses! Submitted by Kristin D.

DogPerDay recommends The Farmer’s Dog real dog food…

Goose is a year old Llewellin English Setter. He is extremely polite and gentle. He makes a serious face whenever he wants to discuss his mom’s absence.

Goose’s Mom says, “As an Animal Science major, I appreciate a company that doesn’t try to fit into a sensationalized trend such as ‘raw’ or ‘grain-free’, and instead focuses on using high quality ingredients to provide optimal nutrition. It’s nutrients that matter, and giving those nutrients in high-quality ingredients makes a world of difference. I’d take The Farmer’s Dog recipes over the other guy’s any day!”

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