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Easy to Train Dog Breeds

While dogs, in general, tend to be very intelligent, their level of intelligence can vary to some degree. There can be differences within dogs of the same breed, but intelligence level can be even more contrasted when considering different breeds. This is mainly because dogs have been bred over thousands of years to possess various traits that make them useful and desirable to humans.

When looking to make a dog part of your family, you may want to consider the tips and advice laid down by Dog Breedo. You will be amazed at how easy it will be to train them to behave well in your home.

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Here below is information regarding some of the breeds known to be the easiest to train and be a good member of the family…

1. German Shepherds

One of the most common breeds that have been well known to be easily trained is the German Shepherd. Various organizations have used them throughout history for this very reason. Today they are commonly used as police dogs, but are also used by military organizations. Beyond being able to be trained to take commands from their owners, they also can be taught exceptional skills. This makes them highly desirable. In addition to being extremely smart, they are also known for fierce loyalty. They will take whatever means necessary to protect their family from a perceived threat. Due to this, they once were stigmatized as being aggressive dogs. However, the truth is that what matters most is how German Shepherds are trained. They are also known to be very affectionate and playful, which, combined with their other traits, can make them an ideal addition to the family.

2. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are also known to be great dogs when it comes to their ability to be trained. They love to please, which is part of why they take training so well. They are also very loyal and are exceptional with children. They are so good with children that many people observe their behaviour as acting as though they are babysitters. They are affectionate and gentle and even take well to other dogs and strangers quite easily. Their temperament is typically quite even, giving them a sense that they are wiser than the average dog. Additionally, they can be taught a wide variety of tricks, and due to this are often favoured as show dogs. If you are looking for a dog breed that is easy to train, yet extremely gentle and affectionate, this breed is for you.

3. Border Collies

Last but not least is the Border Collie. These dogs were breed specifically for their exceptional intelligence and ability to go to work. They are extremely high energy dogs, so they must get a great deal of exercise and interaction for them to be a good fit in a home. Like the Golden Retriever, they tend to act as though they are in charge of the children, but they can be somewhat rougher. To the Border Collie, children are much like sheep that they must keep contained in a certain space, but this can be trained out of them. They are not the best fit for small children, as they have less patience than other breeds. Their ability to be trained for agility and various tricks is also exceptional. Still, their owner must have a great deal of time and patience to fully achieve the results that they are looking for, as this breed is somewhat more independent than others.

When it comes to training a dog, the breed does matter to some degree, but the effort put into the process can be a much bigger factor. There are tried and true methods that can help train just about any breed of dog, as long as the training is consistent. Using a dog training course can help you and your dog to achieve the goals that you wish to see. It can also teach you how to continue training your dog once the class is over. The old saying that dogs can’t learn new tricks isn’t fully true, but starting early can ensure that they understand the behaviours you wish them to exhibit.

Many other breeds can be trained rather easily. The key is determining which breed is truly right for you and your family. They all have different traits that they are likely to possess and come in various shapes, sizes, and even types of fur. You will want to consider these things when determining what type of dog is right for you. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Dogs that match their owner’s personalities are much more likely to be a pleasant addition to the family as a whole.

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