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7 Simple Tips To Getting a French Bulldog Puppy

You probably know by now that French bulldogs have some of the most amazing personalities you can ever ask for in any dog breed. This should motivate you to adopt the breed for yourself. French bulldogs are very active and are energetic for most of each day. One great thing about these breeds is that they are low maintenance, partly because they are short-haired and they will sometimes groom themselves. The following options or tips are very important for consideration when getting a French Bulldog puppy for yourself and family…

Consider an Animal Shelter

The best possible way to start searching for the ideal French Bulldog Puppy is to contact your local Animal Shelter or rescue house. These places have a wide range of dogs that they rescue from the streets and from abusive homes. The benefit of getting a French Bulldog from here is that you may be able to get one for free, and the puppy may have been already trained by its owner for good behavior, going potty, and using a crate.

Get Free French Bulldog Puppies Online

Fortunately sites like Craigslist offer plenty of opportunities to adopt a French Bulldog puppy for free. One of the advantages of using online classified sites to search for these dog breeds is that there is often a wide collection of different puppies, hence you can search based on age, medical history and other criteria. Make sure you read the full listing for the dog and check the address from where the dog is available before you contact the owner of the dog for more details. You need to be careful when getting a bulldog puppy online, especially when you have little or no medical records of the animal.

Buy Directly from a Commercial Breeder

When thinking about finding French Bulldogs for sale, perhaps your first point of call should be the breeder. Commercial breeders of French Bulldog puppies have more knowledge in raising these dogs and selecting the ones with the right pedigree for your home. Dog breeds from commercial breeders are more expensive than those from individual backyard breeders, but you will surely get the best of such breeds from these breeders. Be wary, though: not all commercial breeders for French Bulldogs possess the right breeding papers to raise these dogs, hence you must ask for their licenses and other necessary papers.

Buy from Backyard Breeders

Backyard French Bulldog puppy breeders are not all as bad as many people think they are. Many of these breeders also possess a lot knowledge and skills that have helped them to raise French Bulldog breeds successfully. But make sure you buy your puppy from a backyard breeder who has the training and licenses to sell the dogs. The advantage of buying from a backyard breeder is that the puppy is less expensive, and you should also get the medical records, alongside other vital information that will help you raise the puppy successfully. You need to ensure that you are dealing with a dog breeder operating under hygienic conditions, in addition to being a registered member of dog breeders association.

Stay Away from French Bulldog Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are known for mass breeding of dogs under deplorable conditions. Dog breeders involved in puppy mills are known for breeding too many puppies that may have problems that can make them more difficult to raise by new owners. Make sure you visit the breeder first and inspect the breeding location to ensure that you are not buying from a mass-breeder.

Buy from Individual Owners

You don’t have to buy a French bulldog puppy from a breeder or get one from a shelter. You can simply and easily approach someone who owns a French Bulldog. Buying directly from the dog owner is usually the best because you will get adequate information, especially on the type of food and medical care the dog requires. The dog owner should also give you comprehensive information on any allergy the French Bulldog might have. They should also give you information on routine grooming for the animal.

Get Recommendations from Veterinary Doctor

Veteranarians also have links to certified places where you can find the healthiest French Bulldog puppies for adoption. Veterinary doctors work hand-in-hand with animal care centers to give the best treatment to animals; hence they always provide a certificate of clean medical health to individuals looking to raise puppies. Make sure you get recommendations from a veterinary doctor before embarking on this type of French Bulldog adoption process.


Whether you are adopting a puppy from an animal shelter or buying directly from a dog breeder, when you are buying a French Bulldog puppy for the first time, it is important that you pay attention to the condition of the animal. For instance, pay special attention to cleanliness and look out fo malnutrition. A skinny puppy, for instance, should raise a red flag. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a dog at such a place. If for instance, a dog breeding center refuses to take you around their breeding grounds just to cover up poor dog breeding conditions, then you should consider finding an alternative place to get your puppy.

If a dog breeder refuses to show you their licenses and proof of medical records for a puppy, perhaps there is something they don’t want to expose, and you should consider finding an alternative place. You should also consider reporting a bad puppy mill to authorities.

You need to be prepared to raise a French Bulldog puppy before adopting or buying one for yourself. Make sure you are aware of their required nutritional needs and you should purchase all necessary grooming equipment beforehand.

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