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7 Great Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Toys!

Avoid bad chewing and monotony, improve your relationship with your dog, and benefit his oral health. How? By giving him a variety of great toys and games. All these will satisfy his natural behavioral instinct to retrieve, carry, and hunt. Puppy toys aren’t an extravagance or an infrequent treat for any puppy but are a way of life.

1. Hunting is a natural behavioral instinct possessed by many dog breeds

They enjoy the chase, the battle, and finally to conquer. Squeaky playthings are a smart way for your dog to play out these natural predatory instincts. Your dog will be triggered by the squeak and will certainly get great satisfaction from squeezing these toys, particularly if you play with the dog by making an effort to win the toy from a game of tug-of-war.

2. Many pet dogs love a retrieving activity

Retrieving may also be used as great training support. Retrieving, pulling, and throwing is a good game to play with your pet dog. A good tip is to never finish your game by letting him win, but instead end it when you have the advantage. This will certainly teach him the rules of the game and make sure he knows that you’re the top dog.

3. Dogs like to own a toy they can easily tote around in their mouth

A fluffy toy will satisfy this need. You will probably find that while not holding it their mouths, dogs of both genders may lick and nurture it.

4. Play with your dog

Having fun with your pet is a superb way of working him out, as well as a great way of bonding with him. Having fun with your pet is also a method of rewarding his good habits, which he will enjoy. Through spending playtime with the dog, he will learn the basics of any good partnership, instructions and commands, how to work out self-control, how to watch for something he needs, and above all the way to spend playtime with you.

5. Chewing is actually a highly pleasurable and natural part of any pet’s life

Dogs are made to eat by chewing, gnawing, ripping, and tearing. You should begin to appreciate just the way it makes them feel having an enjoyable toy to act out those instincts. Treats or toys that need a lot of gnawing give hours and hours of fun and work for many pet dogs.

6. Satisfaction level

Giving your pet dog toys and games or treats that need a lot of gnawing won’t only give him plenty of happiness but will also have a beneficial effect on his oral health. Gnawing will induce saliva that buffers the particular effects of chemicals in the mouth produced by oral plaque buildup.

7. Smart attraction

Smart and fun playthings are good for giving your pet’s brain a workout. Find out how smart your pet dog is with smart active dog toys. They stimulate conversation between owner and dog, supporting a healthy relationship. Find out if your dog is smart enough to earn his own rewards.

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