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Abbie the Australian Cattledog Mix

Abbie is a one year old Cattledog mix. Abbie is a very sweet girl, and she gets along with several of the dogs here at the shelter. Abbie is a super fun and very loyal dog. And she loves, loves, loves the water! Abbie would be an excellent companion for hiking, camping, or a day at the lake. Abbie has been here so long, now 250 plus days, that she seems desperate to get someone to notice her. She just can’t understand why no one wants her. She does her best to get attention when someone comes in. She absolutely gives the best kisses and wants nothing more than to be next to you and loved. Yet day after day she watches as everyone passes her by. If only someone would take the time to get to know her instead of judging her right away by her behavior behind bars. Give her the time to know you before judging her shyness when you first take her out. There has to be someone out there for this beautiful girl. Submitted by the Humane Society Morgan County Georgia.

Update… 275 days later, Abbie has found her family… She was not overlooked this time. Congratulations sweet girl, we are so happy for you!

2/27/19 update: It has been two months since bringing Abbie home, and it has been wonderful! I remember when I was looking for a buddy and her profile would come up over and over but I had the concern about how long she was at the shelter. Something must be wrong with the dog. But I went and visited her for about an hour and my mind was set at ease. She was very sweet and playful. She had great fun with the other dogs at the shelter along with the positive words the staff had for her. So I decided to adopt her. All I can say is don’t judge a dog by the amount of time spent at the shelter. Sometimes it just takes time for the right family. By the way, you all do a great job at the shelter taking care of the pets! Thank You! Abbie’s family.

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