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CBD for Dogs – It Works!

Cannabis is considered as one of the most controversial substances in the world. However, cannabis is quite special and is not categorized in the way other drugs are. There are all kinds of drugs all around the world. One type are illegal drugs, which suggests that they are not really fit for human consumption. There are still a lot of people who are into illegal drugs and become addicted. Most countries around the world have rules for these substances but many people still use them. Click here to learn more about it.

Cannabis on the other hand is quite different. Even though it is still considered an illegal substance in many places, some have recently changed their mind about it. There are even places like Canada wherein it is legal to buy and do business with it nationwide. Although most still use it for recreational means, it has been considered very helpful for healthcare purposes. Its psychedelic properties make it appealing to a lot of people, and it has a relaxing effect to those who get stressed from daily life. They claim that it is just for a good time and nothing else. And there actually are studies that show that marijuana is not addictive.

As humans are still trying to discover all the benefits of marijuana for themselves, there are uses that go beyond human consumption. As it is now considered helpful to humans, why not with animals? After all, animals also have a lot of similar healthcare needs as humans and they medicine for their various illnesses. To make it easier for their pet owners, dogs, cats and other animals can also use CBD oil just like humans do. Information for this is available through a CBD page or website.

Holistic veterinary science embraces a broader view of CBD oil and all its excellent healing properties and potential health benefits. The popular Poopbags website says that if appropriately used, CBD oil for dogs can be an effective treatment for many behavioral and medical issues that your pets are facing.

Cases When CBD Might Be Helpful…

Panic or anxiety

As you may know there are some canines who are not into loud noises and anything stressful like that. They shake and run if something startles or surprises them. Most of the time all you need to do is to keep them away from these sources of loud noises. But there are times that these sudden noises cannot be avoided. One of the most common examples is during a celebration like the Fourth of July or New Year’s Day. All the fireworks and firecrackers might be a spectacle to humans but can make canines fearful. Giving them CBD might help them calm down.

Pain Relief

Even though they show it quite differently compared to humans, dogs experience pain as well. You may notice your dog slowing down or whimpering at every step because they are hurting in some part of their body. As CBD helps with human pain, it may also help with dogs as well. There are some people who think there are still more studies that need to be done before administering CBD treatment. There are some opponents that believe the treatment is just making them ignore the pain, but fails to remove the cause entirely.


This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but dogs can get cancer as well. These cancers usually show up as tumors on parts of the body. One of the most common ones is on the eyes where a black tar-like growth may appear. Read more about this here: It can also happen other places, like the brain, spine and the intestinal tract. As with humans, we don’t know where it comes from. However, the prevailing treatment of cancer in dogs is very similar to humans as they also undergo the dog version of chemotherapy and surgery. CBD oil helps by lessening the animal’s pain and possibly helping them with the condition as well.

As a pet owner it is important that you talk to your vet first before giving your dog any treatment. They are the ones who know how to handle all of this stuff, and it is not advisable to just guess at everything. Your dog’s life might be at stake, and it is best if you allow professionals to be a part of the process, especially for serious illnesses. CBD oil can potentially help your dog, but it can also harm them if your supply contains traces of other chemicals aside from pure CBD. You need to be aware of this to make sure that your dog is safe.

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