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Islay, Archie, Dougall and Skye, the West Highland Terriers

Hi, I wanted to let you meet my furry family. My husband and I have four furry babies. They are all West Highland White Terriers. We have one little girl named Islay, and three little boys, Archie, Dougall and Skye. Archie and Islay are two years old, Dougall is nine months old, and Skye is seven months old. They are cheeky but so cute and cuddly and love sleeping in mummy and daddy’s bed and going away in our VW campervan. We were also lucky to have been blessed to have had Molly, who is no longer with us, but have included a photo of her with the red harness and collar. We hope you love our wee family as much as we do. Submitted by Lynn and Joe M.

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