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Aslan the Anatolian Shepherd

Our brand new puppy’s name is Aslan. We kept saying he was like a little lion, so we looked up the Turkish word for Lion (the breed is from Turkey) and it’s Aslan. Interesting that C.S. Lewis used that name for the lion in the Narnia books. Today he actually fell asleep with a chew toy in his mouth! Aslan is very sweet, smart, he learns quickly – the first time we went for our walk he scaled a fallen log to reach me, the next time he went around, and a third time when I climbed over the log to get him to follow me, he still went around! He’s teething and will chew on anything he comes into contact with, no discrimination. Sometimes he thinks hands, arms and legs are his chew toys. Ouch! But he is getting to know the word “No.” And his paws are huge. He’s going to be a big boy. Submitted by Danna P.

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