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Mr. Bojangles the Treeing Walker Coonhound

Mr. Bojangles has been a loved member of our family since he was 9 weeks old. He has been socialized with children, cats, and dogs. He is affectionate, highly intelligent, and loves to cuddle and play. He knows a handful of tricks and can sit, stay, and “go to bed.” Mr. Bojangles is a coonhound. This means that he is a “talker” who likes to bark and he will stop at nothing once he catches a scent. If we could provide a fully enclosed environment or a very large ranch situation with no neighbors we would keep him. However, we are only able to provide a wireless fence, and when he catches a scent the fence does not stop him. He crosses the fence almost daily to chase wildlife.

Mr. Bojangles would benefit from a human who could take him running, hunting, or give him a “job” to do. He is accustomed to lots of land and the companionship of other dogs and kids. He sometimes gets territorial around male dogs, but only on his own property. He can also be territorial about his food so its best to feed him away from other dogs. If properly introduced and trained he may be able to adapt to living with other male dogs.

He is a good climber, so a chain link fence won’t contain him. He will need enough neighbor-free land where he can run free. A very tall fence might work, but he might try to dig under it if he was bored, and he can climb shorter fences. Bojangles is a country boy and a working dog. He needs strong guidance and lots of play but promises to be a beloved friend and companion. Submitted by Scooter’s Pals Dog Rescue.

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