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Carson, Pongo and Mason the Mixed Breeds

From left to right this is Carson, Pongo, and Mason… all three featured on DogPerDay the past three days. They are all rescues. Mason is a six year old Border Collie/Papillon mix. Carson is a three year old Chow/Akita/Collie/Husky mix. Pongo is a six month Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog/Terrier mix. Mason is the leader of the pack and wants everything to be his way. Carson is a chill therapy dog who lets Pongo climb and chew all over him. Pongo is the hyper, courageous, and naughty puppy that never leaves his brothers alone! They were beanie babies for Halloween and the poems inside their cards sums them up perfectly…

Mason: I am loving, cuddly, and especially attentive. I bark at squirrels, neighbors and the mailman… I am very protective. I’m the oldest of my brothers and sometimes like to play. But most of the time they know to stay out of my way.

Carson: I am playful, but calm, and I look like a fox. I am also a therapy dog, which really rocks. I go to school and the nursing homes and make many people smile. I love playing with my brothers and think it is very worthwhile.

Pongo: I’m the youngest of the group and super cute. With a black patch on my eye, I steal everyone’s loot. Despite my endless energy, my brothers love me. My new family is great and I am always happy!

Submitted by Lauren K.

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