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What Are Interactive Dog Toys?

Keeping your puppy busy all day long might be a challenge, especially if you live in a tiny apartment. It is easy for those who have a big yard to keep their dogs busy – you can just let them run around in the yard while you do your chores and everybody is happy. But when you have limited space, you need to get creative. And here is where interactive dog toys come into the picture.

Now, I am not saying that interactive toys are meant only for dog owners who live in a small apartment, just pointing out how they might come in handy for them. If you live in a big house, your puppy would also love to have interactive toys to play around with. You can easily leave them playing with them while you are at work, ironing, washing the dishes, watching a movie, etc.

What’s the difference between a regular toy and an interactive one?

This is the trick. I bet that all your four-legged babies have a favorite toy they like to chew on endlessly. Isn’t that an interactive toy, you might ask? No, it’s not the kind I’m talking about. An interactive toy is more than that. If a squeaky ball only stimulates a dog physically, an interactive toy will also stimulate him mentally. This is the main difference between the two. If the former only gets the puppy running around the house with a toy in her mouth, the latter works with her interactive skills.

If we were to classify interactive dog toys, they come in three distinct categories: puzzles, games or just plain toys. Dog puzzles are very similar to the concept we humans are used to, but involve much bigger pieces of course. Those little paperboard image bits are replaced by big enough objects so that your dog can grab and carry them in his mouth. Interactive games can go on and on until your dog gets tired. We will talk more about interactive toys in the following paragraphs…

Why choose interactive toys?

Interactive toys are the best because they work with your dog’s body and mind, training its agility, focus, and patience. Of course, no dog will be able to play forever with a toy, but an interactive one might keep him interested for hours and hours, while a regular toy will probably get him bored in less than an hour.

What types of interactive toys for dogs are there?

An interesting interactive toy would be a dispensing ball. This interesting concept works by giving out food for your puppy. This would be an interesting deal for your four-legged friend and you do not have to worry about her gaining weight, as the toy is smartly designed in such a way that it prevents over-eating. No doubt your puppy loves anything food-related and this food-related toy will keep him in the game for a long time. Be it round, square or any other shape, if it feeds your dog, it’s the perfect interactive game. Hiding treats and objects will do the trick with any dog, as even specialized trainers use treats to train pets.

Can I hand make an interactive toy?

Do not worry, you do not have to spend tons of money on toys that your dog will chew on and destroy as soon as he sees it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas of hand making your own interactive toys for your dog to enjoy. You do not need much. All you have to do is be creative and open to new ideas.

Working with old clothes is one of the best ideas. You can make knots from scarfs or any other piece of clothing. Let your imagination run wild and create the best toys for your baby! The best thing about interactive toys is that they allow your dog to develop their own independence, so think about that when creating. A good idea would be to take a plastic box and drill or cut holes into it then fill it with kibble. It will be rewarding for the puppy to get to the food and the process will help him build self-confidence. Here you can find this idea explained more precisely. Once you watch the video, it will be very easy to put it into practice, as it is very well explained.

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