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Franco the German Wire-Haired Pointer Mix

This is Franco (now named Max), a good looking, fun loving, energetic, scruffy little guy looking for new parents. His ideal family will be just about anyone that wants to play with him and take him on great adventures. Submitted by the Humane Society of Morgan County Georgia.

Update: Franco was just adopted on December 13th, 2016! Here’s a picture of him with his new family…

Just wanted to give y’all an update on Max (aka Franko)… We adopted Max last year on December 13th. We could not have found a more wonderful member for our family. Max and my son Eli have really bonded! In fact, Eli missed Max so much when he left in January headed back to college that he asked if Max could come live with him a week or so out of each month.

Max is now a permanent fixture to Eli’s side. He never goes anywhere without him. They have been a blessing to each other! This is what Eli posted about Max on his Instagram account on Max’s birthday (Dec. 13th):

“A year ago I found this little guy at Humane Society of Morgan County, and he was so scared that he wouldn’t even let me pet him. At that moment I knew he needed a loving family and he was coming home with me. One year, 100’s of laps around the park, and at least a million belly rubs later, both Max and I couldn’t be happier. Watching his transformation over the last year has been amazing, and he is gradually becoming more and more social. Seeing Max excited and wagging his tail is one of the best parts of my day.”

We just wanted to say Thanks for all that you do! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring Max into our family.

Merry Christmas! Hope your 2018 is amazing!

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