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Bitty Bit the Chihuahua, Pekingese Mix

Bitty Bit is very lucky to be alive. When she was born 11 years ago she only weighed three ounces and was way smaller then her siblings, so they didn’t let her nurse. I sat in my room where all the puppies were born and put her on a bottle. I stayed with that puppy for 24 hours. She survived but had stomach issues for many years. She overcame her issues and today she’s a strong healthy older dog. She only weighs four pounds now, but she’s a great dog and she’s loved very much. It was so worth saving her little life. She has been with me through some good times, and some very tough times. A pet can really help you overcome some obstacles in life. I will be very heartbroken when she goes. She’s like a child so I’ll enjoy the time I have left with her and spoil her every day. Submitted by Patty Y.

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